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The E-News is an Economics Newsletter, published twice a year by the Department of Economics. It is developed, written and edited by ESU students of Economics and those in other majors who are interested in Economics.

The E-News is in its 17th year of publication, with the first issue having been published on November 1, 1997. Click here to see a PDF of the E-News First Issue.

The circulation list grows larger every year as more people contact the department to be added to the mail list. Many others who do not receive the letter by mail read it by accessing the pdf files on this website. If you would like to add or remove your name to our circulation list, or wish to contribute to the E-News, contact one of our editors shown below. Your comments are also welcome.

Student Editors

Andrew J Brennan(

Faculty & Staff Editorial Staff

Tobb Behr (
Linda Fehervari (

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