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The Instructional Technology graduate internship is a culminating experience that extends the knowledge base and customizes the learning experience beyond the academic setting.

The internship counts as 3 credits.

This represents part of the 33 credits for the degree, or 24 credits for certification.

Internship candidates should complete the degree coursework and/or the portfolio.

Internship Completion Process

  • Complete course work and submit Portfolio for review.
  • Present and pass Programmatic Portfolio Process.
  • Notify adviser of Internship intention - During this time the adviser reviews interest and helps identify appropriate places for an internship based on career goals.
  • Review Graduate Internship Guidelines
  • Submit Internship Application - The application is available in the Microsoft Word document below. The admission card for non-classroom credit can be received  through your adviser.
  • Complete Internship - The Internship Guidelines identify the protocol for internship completion.
  • Complete Internship Portfolio - During the internship the student adds components to the portfolio to reflect learning.

Graduate Internship Guidelines

Graduate Internship Application