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"Securing Wartime Communications: Why the United States Succeeded and the Third Reich Failed".

This presentation will address the evolution and development of US/German cryptography during the pre-war years and then go on to examine their wartime concepts of operation and implementation. Emphasis will be placed on two systems in particular, the German ENIGMA machine and the US's SIGABA/ECM Mark II. Historical examples of the ENIGMA and SIGABA/ECM Mark II (the actual machines) will be available for inspection.


Timothy J. Mucklow is a Senior Historian on the staff of the Center for Cryptologic History following a long career in Information Assurance (IA) at NSA and with the Air Force. After a decade in academia he served as a military historian at the wing, division, and major command levels and produced a series of monographs and articles on such topics as Information Assurance, telecommunications and computers, and national defense issues and has offered IA seminars at military facilities around the world. He received his PhD in 1982.