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Graduate Programs

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The Department of Biological Sciences offers a choice of two Master's Degrees (M.S. & M.Ed.), each offered under three options (thesis, research problem, and coursework tracks).

We offer a wide variety of courses in both the organismal and molecular biology/biotechnology areas.

Research opportunities for graduate students are available in many areas of the biological sciences, including organismal biology, conservation, aquatic biology, molecular biology, microbiology, and biotechnology.  In organismal biology, we offer specializations in entomology, herpetology, mammalogy, and ornithology.

Graduate Assistantships and Graduate Student Worker positions are available on a competitive basis to help support students while they complete their degrees.  In addition, many of our graduate students have their research supported by external funding.

Our program prides itself on the accomplishments of our students and the personalized mentoring that we provide to them as they pursue their graduate education.