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Program Assessment

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Program Outcomes

The Vision of the ESU Athletic Training Program is to be a leading student-centered athletic training program that offers distinct educational challenges to a diverse student body. Furthermore, students are afforded the opportunity to demonstrate entry-level competency as an athletic trainer while embracing the values of scholarship, professionalism, and diversity.

One measure of program effectiveness is postgraduate study and employability. Many ESU graduates are among the best clinicians, educators and researchers in the field. The ESU Athletic Training Program continues to place its students in many of the best graduate and professional programs as well as emerging and traditional practice settings.

Accreditation Status

C A A T E logoThe ESU Athletic Training Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education through the academic year 2014-15. The program is currently completing a self-study in preparation for their next accreditation visit.

Another measure of program effectiveness is pass rate on the Board of Certification Examination for Athletic Trainers. The following table represents the three-year average performance of program graduates on the BOC® Examination*.

3-Year Cohort Data (2010-11 to 2012-2013) Total Program Graduates Number Challenging Exam First Time Passing 3-Yr Data Overall Passing 3-Yr Data
Number 121 114 72 97
Percentage 100% (94%) (63%) (85%)

*The average first time national pass rate on the BOC® examination has fluctuated between 39.1% (2007-08) and 82.3% (2011-12). The current national 3-year average is 74.6%. ESU’s three-year average is currently below the target of 70% and therefore the Program Faculty are evaluating assessment data in order to meet this benchmark.