The Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning offers current students a major exploration program called MyPlan. MyPlan is a self-paced, online major exploration major and career guidance program. This on-line resource allows students to discover what majors fit their personality type while gaining understanding to your interests, skills and talents.

Below are several self-assessments you can take to better understand your values, skills and interests and how they pair with an ESU major!

Match your personality to a major with FREE Personality Assessments!

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  • Career Personality Test
    Take this test to learn which of 16 potential personality types you are. Based on personality type theory developed by Carl Jung, the Career Personality Test will pinpoint your workplace strengths and direct you toward professions that best compliment your unique personality — we'll even rank-order 739 careers according to how well they match your personality!
  • Career Interest Inventory
    Why would you ever work in a profession that doesn't interest you? You'd be surprised at just how many people work in careers that don't truly interest them. The MyPlan.comCareer Interest Inventory is based on the renowned work of Dr. Holland who theorized that people with the same or similar interests are often found in the same work environments.
  • Career Skills Profiler
    The quickest route to job dissatisfaction is doing something that you're not good at. It's simple advice, but do something that you are good at! The Skills Profiler helps you take a personal inventory of your skills and uses that information to help construct a career path. Whether you're looking to change careers or just getting started, the Skills Profiler will help you understand which careers match your skills.
  • Career Values Assessment
    What are your underlying needs and motivations? Does the career you're in (or thinking about going into) really satisfy those personal values? Take the Values Assessment to ensure that your career path is in sync with your underlying values system. Best of all — it's free!

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