To empower and propel degree-seeking undergraduate students on academic warning towards personal, academic & life achievement. Faculty advisers, academic success coaches and specially-trained peer academic coaches will utilize appreciative, strengths-based academic coaching strategies to encourage self-awareness, develop action-steps to goal attainment and the establishment of positive life habits.

Program Requirements

First time students on academic warning (primarily freshmen and sophomores) and/ or students receiving financial aid appeals will have a choice of three support options:

  • Attend 3 sessions with an academic success coach
  • Complete 3 D2L exercises with reflection statement written on each D2L activity.
  • Attend a 2 session Appreciative Inquiry Workshop

***Students will choose their option and sign a learning agreement.

ACHIEVE's advising philosophy centers on "appreciative advising". Appreciative advising is the intentional collaborative practice of asking positive, open-ended questions that help students optimize their educational experiences and achieve their dreams, goals, and potentials. It is perhaps the best example of a fully student-centered approach to student development.

Academic Coaching as an ACHIEVE Cornerstone

Academic Coaching goes beyond the university, university services and academics. Academic coaching is helping students understand how best to learn at school, be proactive, and develop and exercise personal leadership. The skills introduced are intended to influence character and impact current life beyond academics with intent to impact their future. Academic Coaching helps students avoid common pitfalls, by changing thought patterns and identify and change current poor habits which influences the upward trajectory of personal and academic success.

Students are invited to drop by the department to study, or sign up for tutoring, or to inquire about any DAEL program.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Rosenkrans East
(570) 422-6700
(570) 422-3898 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Professor/Chair Academic Enrichment & Learning
Dr. J. Truschel
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