What is the East Stroudsburg University (ESU) Early Start Program?

The ESU “Early Start Program” is designed to provide incoming students with a summer bridge experience that will help them to get a head start on their academic goals and become accustomed to the lifelong learning experiences available on a college campus.

Every Early Start Student will have the guidance of faculty, Academic Coaches, staff, mentors and tutors who are available to assist them with a positive transition to life at ESU. In just six weeks, Early Start participants will experience intensive academic coursework resulting in seven credits.

If you have questions or need additional information about this program, please contact Dr. Beverlyn Grace-Odeleye, Director in the Department of Academic Enrichment & Learning at (570) 422-3508.

What Early Start courses are offered?

Students will develop the skills in comprehension, critical thinking, problem solving, reading, writing, communication (orally, written, technology and other formats) and academic skills that they will need to succeed in college.

When is Early Start offered?

The program is a six week summer bridge program. Classes meet Monday through Friday.

Why participate in Early Start courses?

  • Get a head start on first year classes
  • Receive academic support such as a mentoring, coaching and tutoring
  • Meet peers, mentors and form relationships
  • Meet with faculty, staff, tutors and academic success coach
  • Receive academic support
  • Participate in structured student activities

Academic Services Offered

DAEL and University Partners will provide a number of services to new and returning students during both the summer and academic year. These include:

Academic Success Coach (ASC): Academic Coaching is an important working partnership that focuses on the ‘process of learning’. Students and ASC will work together to examine students learning styles, habits of working and current difficulties or barriers to success. We will also work to create and put into place more effective strategies. The aim is to heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve academic success and anchor this with new strategies, a supportive relationships, and personal accountability.

Academic Advising: Academic advising is one of the most important influences on students' collegiate experience. Through regular contact with students--whether face-to-face, through email, on the telephone, or through computer-supported system, advisers gain meaningful insights into students' academic, social, and personal experiences. Advisors use these insights to help students become part of the academic community, develop sound academic and career goals, and, ultimately, to be successful learners.

Peer Mentoring: Peer Mentoring component of the program matches incoming students with academically successful upperclassmen who will mentor and guide freshmen through their academic and social adjustment to college. The upperclassmen serve as role models, as people with answers to questions about the campus, the community, career, job opportunities, financial aid concerns, and academic scheduling. Peer Mentors are students who care about helping freshmen to get through the first year.

Structured Social Activities: Throughout Early Start, the program, along with Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, provides social and cultural activities.

Tutoring: Warrior Tutoring Center (WTC) provides content-based tutoring, supplemental instruction, group tutoring and individual tutoring as needed.

Contact Us

Welcome to DAEL! Students are invited to drop by DAEL when in need of academic coaching and/or tutoring assistance. DAEL also offers ESU students study space and computer labs. DAEL provides Exploratory Studies students academic advising during registration. Please use Wfish to schedule an appointment with an adviser or coach!

Contact Information

Campus Address
Rosenkrans East
(570) 422-6700
(570) 422-3898 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Assistant Professor/Department Chair
Kelly L. McKenzie
(570) 422-3741