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Recycling Bins - Acceptable Materials

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Recyclable Materials Accepted All Together

Recyclable materials can now be single-streamed on ESU campus. This means that any type of accepted recyclable item (i.e. paper, metal, plastic and glass) can be dropped in any type of recycling bin on campus.

Please review the lists below for acceptable and unacceptable items.

PAPER - Dry & Clean; loose (not in plastic bags)

Newspapers & Inserts Tissue
Magazines & catalogs Paper towels
Junk mail, envelopes, file folders, shredded paper Books *
Office white, colored & computer paper (staples/clips OK) Tyvek envelopes
Corrugated cardboard boxes Carbon paper
Cereal & gift boxes, etc. that tear brown or grey (no liners) Wax coated boxes/cartons (juice, milk, etc.)
Paper bags  
Phone books  

METAL -Empty & Clean; loose (not in plastic bags)

Aluminum cans (beer & soda) Aerosol cans
Aluminum foil & foil plates Propane tanks *
Metal food cans (tin/steel); metal lids Syringes
Metal pots & pans Hangers *
Small metal appliances Electrical cords *

PLASTIC - Empty & Clean; loose (not in plastic bags)

Plastic bottles, jars, tubs & rigid containers labeled #1through #7 Unnumbered plastic containers *
  Plastic bags
  Garden hoses *

GLASS - Empty & Clean; loose (not in plastic bags)

Glass bottles & jars (food & drink only) Window glass *
  Mirrors *
  Light bulbs *
  Glass cookware/bakeware (Pyrex, etc.) *

Other Unacceptable Materials

  • Food Waste
  • Garbage
  • Medical Waste
  • Flammable, Hazardous or Toxic Materials
  • Paint *
  • Packing Peanuts *
  • Styrofoam *
  • Ceramics
  • Dishes
  • Coffee Cups
  • Drinking Glasses