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Special Parking

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Special Parking Permit Application Instructions

On-Campus students who have completed sixty (60) credits, or are of 21 years of age, or have veteran status automatically receive parking privileges.

Special permission to register a motor vehicle may be granted to students who do not meet the specified criteria for vehicle registration but have mitigating circumstances that warrant special consideration. Special permission may be granted for the reasons listed below. However, it is not automatic even if part of a condition is met.

The Parking Appeals Committee that meets on a regularly scheduled basis will review all requests. All requests must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation listed below:

  1. Medical: This requires a physician’s statement on his/her stationery detailing the student’s medical condition that cannot be treated locally. The physician’s statement should include the frequency of treatment.
  2. Financial/Employment: Verification through the University’s Financial Aid Office will determine whether or not the student has an unmet financial need, a requirement to obtain a Special Parking Permit. If you have not applied for financial aid, this cannot be assessed. In addition, a statement on the employer’s letterhead or a notarized note certifying the nature of the position and the requested time period is required.
    Due to the limited number of parking spaces available, employment to supplement income for educational purposes WILL NOT be considered an extenuating circumstance unless there exists verifiable need as defined by the University’s Financial Aid Office.
  3. Academically Related: This requires a statement from the student’s professor, department chairperson or academic advisor attesting to the academic related activity and its significance in benefiting his/her academic curriculum (e.g., internship, pre-student teaching, observations, off-campus classes, etc.).

Special Parking will only be granted for the Mary and Gwendolyn Street Lots, Upper University Ridge or the ESU Innovation Center. Abuse of the Special Parking Permit may result in the loss of the parking privilege in addition to parking fines.

If you have other concerns, please call the Office of Residence Life & Housing at (570) 422-3460.


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or Fax to (570) 422-3952