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  • Procedure Title: Remodeling
  • Policy Number: ESU-FA-2011-025
  • Effective Date: April 11, 2012
  • Review Date: January 31, 2017
  • Division: Finance & Administration
  • Responsible Office: Facilities Management

Procedure Summary:

Remodeling is any construction related work conducted in an already constructed space intended to modify layout, reconfigure electric/plumbing, make adjustments to egress, etc.

In most cases such work is subject to review and approval by the Department of Labor & Industry and must adhere to applicable construction and fire codes, as well as all other applicable laws and regulations.

In addition, where such work involves structural or engineering design, the project plans may need to be sealed and signed by licensed professionals.

Scope of such work is normally understood to be beyond routine maintenance and repair.

While this may be necessary, based on rogrammed use, such work should not be performed for personal preference.


  1. If remodeling of newly assigned space is needed for intended program use, additional time must be allowed (for design, L&I approval, etc.) and a Project Request Form must be filled out. Departments should forward their requests to their dean or director for review and recommendation of their proposal. The department requesting the remodeling is typically responsible for securing funding.
  2. If recommended, the request should then be forwarded to Facilities Management.
  3. The request is evaluated and Facilities Management will provide a scope of work and a project cost estimate to the respective dean/director.
  4. The dean/director will then review the scope of work and project estimate. Upon the approval of the estimate and scope of work, the request will then be forwarded to the respective Vice President to secure funding.
  5. When the funding source is identified, the approved request is then returned to Facilities Management and the project will be assigned a project number by the Assistant Director of Facilities Management.
  6. The Business Office will then be contacted by Facilities Management for a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure in SAP) to be created, which will allow for identified funds to be moved into a dedicated account and enable the project to be tracked effectively.
  7. Facilities Management will then assign this request to a Project Manager.
  8. All further coordination, scheduling, supervision, and communications related to this project will be handled by the assigned Project Manager, who will also be responsible to update the project status on the Facilities Management Website.


Project Request Form

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