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Policy Procedure

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  • Procedure Title: TVehicle Pick-up by Authorized Operator (Driver)
  • Policy Number: ESU-FA-2011-024
  • Effective Date:
  • Review Date:
  • Division: Finance & Administration
  • Responsible Office: Facilities Management

Procedure Summary:

This procedure will assist in the pick-up of a vehicle by and authorized operator/driver.


Authorized operators must complete all necessary travel paperwork prior to being issued a vehicle. This can be accomplished by going to vehicle reservation site or by completing the Travel Request Form. This form must be filled out completely with all requisite signatures and relevant cost codes. When signed, you will need to take this completed form with to the University Police to pick up your vehicle. A minimum advance notice of 3 days is necessary under normal circumstances.
  1. You should arrive at the University Police office on the day and time. You are scheduled to depart.
  2. Inform the person-on-duty that you are there to pick-up a Pennsylvania State Vehicle and present your ESU ID card and a valid Driver’s License.
  3. They will then issue the designated “Vehicle Packet” to you. The vehicle packet contains:
    • Set of keys for the designated vehicle
    • Self-Insurance Financial Responsibility card
    • Owner’s card
    • Gasoline credit card: The credit card provided in the vehicle packet is for gasoline purchases for the assigned vehicle only. In case of emergency, the credit card may be used for vehicle repairs, if authorized by University Police (over telephone 570-422-3063). Unauthorized charges, such as soda, snacks, etc., will become the responsibility of the authorized operator and may also result in disciplinary action being initiated against the operator.
    • Vehicle daily running /mileage log (to be completed each day)
    • Vehicle repair request form
  4. You (the authorized operator) should familiarize yourself with the designated vehicle prior to departure.
  5. You may note that pool vehicles are kept (parked) at the CFRED Building and you will have to pick up the vehicle from there (you may leave your personal vehicle in its place or use the campus shuttle).
  6. Forms:

    Travel Request Form

    Van Request Form

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