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  • Procedure Title: General Mail Guidelines
  • Policy Number: ESU-FA-2011-018
  • Effective Date: January 1997
  • Review Date: October 27, 2011
  • Division: Finance & Administration
  • Responsible Office: Facilities Management

Procedure Summary:

This procedure provides general mail guidelines.


  1. Addressing Mail Pieces
    • USPS regulations require that all mail carry nine digit zip codes to the extent that such are available. All mail sent by University offices must carry the appropriate nine digit zip codes in the return address. All University offices shall make every reasonable effort to determine and use the appropriate nine-digit zip code for the addresses of outgoing mail available at the website: www.usps.com/zip4
    • All outgoing University mail should be addressed by typewritten or computer generated labels. If handwritten, the addressee area must be legibly printed in ink.
    • Detailed mailing procedures, zip code listings, postal rates and detailed information are available from the ESU Mail Room Supervisor.
  2. Dispatch Time
    • Mail will be dispatched from the Mail Room once a day to the U.S. Post Office prior to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday, except on holidays or on days when the University is officially closed. Mail received in the Mail Room after 3:00 PM will be processed the next business day.
  3. Campus Communications
    • The campus mail system is for official inter-office mail only. Campus communications concerning official campus business will be delivered to campus departments. Only official campus correspondence is to be sent through campus mail in inter-office envelopes. When used, include the department name as well as individual’s name. When any person uses the campus mail for unofficial purpose, mail will not be delivered; such as solicitations, for profit business, chain letters, personal items, food, cash, coins, etc. and the individual will be duly notified (when possible).



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