Policy Procedure

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  • Procedure Title: Pick Up and Delivery
  • Policy Number: ESU-FA-2011-018
  • Effective Date: January 1997
  • Review Date: October 27, 2011
  • Division: Finance & Administration
  • Responsible Office: Facilities Management

Procedure Summary:

These procedures will assist in the pick up and delivery of mail to or from campus.


The Mail Room receives and processes mail Monday – Friday, except holidays.
  1. Incoming mail will be sorted in the Mail Room by department name (including residence halls), then delivered to the assigned department drop off location.
  2. All departments that receive campus mail deliveries will have one drop off and pick up location.
  3. Any further sorting will be the responsibility of the receiving departments.
  4. Three baskets are to be placed at the drop off location by each department:
    • Incoming mail
    • Campus mail
    • Official ESU off-campus mail.
  5. Metered mail is defined as official University mail from offices, departments, student clubs, etc. that the mailroom weighs, affixes postage and posts out. This includes letter size envelopes, packages, large or overstuffed envelopes and international mail. Metered mail is not for personal use. All metered mail should be placed in official University letterhead envelopes with complete addresses. Metered mail must be stamped with departmental three-digit mail code number in the upper left hand corner of each piece to be mailed. This department mail code number is assigned by and available from Mail Room supervisor assures that postage is charged to the proper department. Mail received without a departmental three-digit mail code number may be sent back to the department for identification (it may also require opening the mail in order to identify the originator). Mail received with an incorrect or incomplete departmental three-digit mail code number will be returned to the department for proper identification. Each department is responsible for the proper use of its own departmental three-digit mail code number.
  6. Informational flyers concerning campus events should not be sent through campus mail. Information concerning campus events should be submitted to the Campus Bulletin, Stroud Courier or appropriate campus newsletter for publication, and/or posted on campus bulletin boards or web page.
  7. USPS mailbox for stamped or unofficial USPS mail and a United Parcel Service (UPS) overnight letter pickup box are located in front of the Moore Biology Building next to the Facilities Management Office Complex on Normal Street as a convenience.
  8. A white drop box for University campus mail (addressed & coded for USPS mail and/or campus inter-office envelopes) is located in front of the Moore Biology Building next to the Facilities Management Office Complex. Mail collected prior to 2:30PM is processed the same business day.



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