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  • Procedure Title: Posting & Chalking
  • Policy Number: ESU-AF-2015-001-A
  • Effective Date: April 23, 2015
  • Review Date: April 23, 2015, September 12, 2016
  • Division: Administration & Finance
  • Responsible Office: Facilities Management

Procedure Summary:

Faculty, staff, students, affiliated organization, contractors and general public wishing to post signs, posters, banners or chalk on campus must adhere to the procedures identified below.


Indoor Signs:

  • When posting on bulletin boards, permission must be obtained from the university official in charge of the area in which the bulletin board is located.
  • When posting on walls, doors, hallways and elevators, special permission must be obtained from:
    • The Director of Facilities Management for Education and General Buildings.
    • Director of Residence Life and Housing for residence halls.
    • Director of the University Center for the University Center.
  • Individual(s) displaying the signs or posters must remove them immediately after event termination date.
  • All signs and posters should be placed so as not to block signs already existing.
  • Signs and posters displayed on general bulletin boards may be removed periodically to create space for current signs.
  • Electronic message boards and Listserv are strongly encouraged as an alternate for announcing commercial advertisements and solicitations.

Outdoor Signs:

  • Any department or group desirous of placing outdoor signs must contact Facilities Management, Conference Services, University Police or, if applicable, the Office of Admissions to arrange for their placement.
  • Signs must be promptly removed at the end of a given event by Facilities Management, Conference Services, University Police or the Office of Admissions, as applicable.
  • Outdoor signs must be erected for temporary use, in either collapsible sign holders or using a metal frame or stake. Such signs must be created professionally and not hand written.
  • Traffic (parking) or directional signs for an event or occasion, must be placed after approval from the Director of Parking or his/her designee. Visitors may only be directed to parking lots that have been approved for the event.
  • Any outdoor signs not pre-approved will be promptly removed.


  • Organizations or departments wishing to hang a banner may submit requests through the Virtual EMS system. Placement space is on a first come, first serve basis with priority given to student organizations and/or university wide events.
  • Banners must be approved in advance by:
    • Assistant to the Athletic Director approves the Athletic Fields
    • University Center Reservation Supervisor approves the following areas: University Center Balcony, Stroud Bridge, Dansbury Commons, and the Mattioli Recreation Center.
  • Once approved, the approving department will place a work request for Facilities Management to arrange for the Banner to be hung and removed by specific dates.
  • The cost and creation of the banner will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/department.


  • Student groups interested in chalking sidewalks must obtain prior approval from the Director of Facilities Management , clearly indicating the area where chalking is intended.

Electronic Sign Boards:

  • Departments, groups or individuals are strongly encouraged to use electronic sign boards installed in buildings for publicizing events and other university wide-announcements.
  • Departments, groups or individuals must obtain approval from the appropriate Vice President prior to contacting the Director of Web Services/Webmaster
  • All such requests should be made to the Director Web Services/Webmaster ahead of the event, to allow time for processing.



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Conference Services
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Director of Facilities Management
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Director of University Center
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Director of Web Services/Webmaster
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Assistant to the Athletic Director
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