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  • Procedure Title: Space Request
  • Policy Number: ESU-FA-2011-025
  • Effective Date: April 11, 2012
  • Review Date: January 31, 2017
  • Division: Finance & Administration
  • Responsible Office: Facilities Management

Procedure Summary:

These procedures will assist in the request of campus space.


  1. A request for allocation of space may be initiated by an individual faculty or staff member documenting details of needs to the extent possible. Such requests should be forwarded to the department chair or unit director for consideration. It is suggested that departments discuss proposed requests in advance with the dean or director’s office.

    Acting on space requests typically requires substantial lead times. To process such requests, space must be identified, use and requirements analyzed, release and reassignment negotiated, and timetables established. To facilitate this process, campus units should review and submit their requests to the dean's or director's office two to three months in advance of the semester for which space is needed. The appropriate dean or director should forward all the recommended space requests to the Manager of Space/IT by June 1st for the Fall Semester and November 1st for the Spring Semester.
  2. The Manger of Space/IT will evaluate each request on a case by case basis and make a recommendation to the VP of Finance and Administration (or the delegated official, Director of Facilities Management) after careful consideration of how the request ties into the master plan and current allocation of space.
  3. The decision of any particular space request will be finalized no later than 90 days after receipt of the request. The decision will be conveyed to the requester and the respective department chair/director by the Manager of Space/IT.
  4. In cases where space assignment requests have been granted, a copy of the procedures to be followed for moving/occupying will also be included in the approval.



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