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  • Procedure Title: Request an Accommodation Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Policy Number: ESU-PO-2011-003
  • Effective Date:
  • Review Date: September 15, 2011
  • Division: President's Office
  • Responsible Office: Diversity & Equal Opportunity

Procedure Summary:

These procedures apply to employees, students, or applicants for employment requesting accommodations under the ADA.


  1. Employees requesting an accommodation under the ADA should follow the following procedures:
    1. Employees must file a Request for ADA Accommodation Form with the Director of Human Resources, or his or her designee. During the initial meeting with the Human Resources Office, the Human Resources Office will determine what documentation is needed from a licensed professional to support the employee's request for accommodation. The Human Resources Office will also clarify the responsibilities of the Human Resources Office and the employee.
    2. Following a review of the documentation and facts of each request, the Human Resources Office will determine whether the employee is eligible for accommodations under the ADA, taking into consideration the marginal and essential functions of the job, the functional limitations of the disability, and the reasonableness of an accommodation.
    3. The Human Resources Office will facilitate a discussion with the employee’s supervisor and the employee to determine what accommodations may be reasonable.
    4. The Human Resources Office may seek advice from third-party experts when necessary.
    5. The Human Resources Office will communicate the process for providing the accommodation verbally and in writing to the employee and the supervisor.
    6. The employee is responsible for contacting the Human Resources Office if reasonable accommodations are not implemented in an effective and timely manner or if the accommodations are not working. The Human Resources Office will work with the employee and the employee’s supervisor to resolve disagreements regarding recommended accommodations Employees or applicants for employment who are seeking position with ESU who require an accommodation (such as a test or an interview) for a university position should contact Human Resources Management to request an accommodation.
      • The request for accommodation must come in a timely manner to allow the Human Resources Office to respond to the request.
      • The request for accommodation will be evaluated and the employee or applicant will provide the requested documentation or additional information in order to assist with evaluating the request.
    7. Students or applicants for admission who are seeking reasonable accommodations or academic adjustments should contact the Office of Accessible Services Individualized for Students.


Request for ADA Accommodation Form

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