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Northeastern Pennsylvania Diversity Education Consortium (NEPDEC)

East Stroudsburg University is a member of NEPDEC.

NEPDEC's goals are to create a more inclusive, dynamic culture in our region and to effectively prepare students and employees of our region for the increasingly complex and diverse communities and workplaces of the next century.

Through cooperation and shared resources, we can more effectively address regional diversity issues with greater impact, in a shorter amount of time, and with fewer resources.

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American Association for Affirmative Action (AAAA)

East Stroudsburg University is a member of AAAA.

Its goals are to foster effective affirmative action/equal opportunity programs nationwide; to establish and maintain ethical standards for the profession; to liaison with federal, state and local agencies involved with equal opportunity compliance in employment and education; to promote the professional growth and development of our members; to sponsor education and training programs; and to sponsor and conduct research.

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American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, Inc. (AAHHE)

Some of AAHHE’s objectives are to increase the number of Hispanics attending and completing graduate programs in higher education, assist in shaping the impact of science and technology in the teaching/ learning process, prepare a more diverse student population in higher education to work in a global environment, prepare more Hispanics to pursue a career in higher education in faculty and senior-level position.

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