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ESU for Kids Testimonials

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ESU for Kids is The Poconos’ Premier Day Camp for kids and teens ages 6-18 since 1991.

ESU for Kids is your day camp, your way!

What are people saying about ESU for Kids?

Please read below for actual quotes from ESU for Kids families:

Excellent summer camp program. My daughter loves the program and the teachers are great! – Ms. G.W., mother of 15 year old daughter who has attended ESU for Kids 8 years

In addition to great classes, the instructors help build skills such as: esteem, leadership, positive relationships and teamwork. As the years go by it becomes more like an extended family network. We see ESU for Kids students all over town and enjoy talking about the program and what it has done for our children.” – Ms. H.E., whose 15 year old son has attended ESU for Kids for 7 years

My three kids have enjoyed the classes the last three years.” – Mr. B.T.

The kids loved it, nothing else compares. – Ms. A.T., mother of two children who have each attended ESU for Kids 4 years

[My daughter] really enjoyed the cooking class. She comes home & makes the dish for us to try! She has learned so much in field hockey – they have taught her great skills. The staff was knowledgeable and fun. My child enjoyed meeting all the teachers and students! ” – Ms. L.N., mother of one daughter who has attended ESU for Kids 2 years

I have seen great improvement in my child’s math criteria. I’ve seen her joy in science improve greatly as well.” – Mrs. N.N.

The size of the classes are small, so the ratio of student per teacher is great. Teachers are very friendly, enthusiastic, and most of all, patient and encouraging.” – Ms. L.Q.

Top-notch, A+ program. I love that all instructors are educated. Everyone is so friendly.” – Mrs. J.M.

I am more than pleased with the staff, the classes, and the program in general. Great job by all, and thank you for providing this opportunity!” – Mrs. D. G.

Every teacher seemed to sincerely enjoy teaching and giving the children an educational experience. Classes were informative and exciting for the children. You all are wonderful. Never stop.” – Mrs. R.M.

Each of the instructors have been so kind and attentive to [my son] and I couldn’t have asked for a better summer camp experience for him.” – Ms. V.C.

From an older student who attended ESU for Kids for 8 years – “After years in the acting class, it was all inspiring to me because I felt better about being different from others. It was like everyone was different. And it’s fun.

Love the classes – the boys really enjoy themselves!” – Ms. K.W., mother of two sons who have attended ESU for Kids 3 years

Both my children loved their classes & said the teachers were great.” – Mrs. R.S.

Love all the classes – instructors make them great. Awesome enthusiasm!” – Mrs. J.B.

The entire program is filled with great experiences & people.” – Mrs. J.B.

I think the course selections are great and offer a wide variety for children to choose from.” – Ms. G.L.

I think the entire staff is friendly, and [my son] leaves each day full of excitement!!” – Mrs. C.V., whose 14 year old son has attended ESU for Kids for 4 years

The instructors are kid-friendly. The programs are complex and made in a positive manner – helping kids to develop.” -- Mrs. M.T.

Great variety of classes & very fair prices.” – Mr. M.S.

Very happy with the selection of classes offered – especially that they can keep up with academics.” – Mrs. R.P.

The girls love all their classes. The art projects and crafts really impressed us.” – Mrs. R.P.

Everyone is amazing – always ready to answer any questions. Classes are fun. Instructors are nice and welcoming in both classes my daughter attended.” – Mrs. N. N.

The staff is great – super friendly people!” – Mrs. S.M.

All of the classes are teaching our kids to have fun while learning at the same time.” – Mr. T. H.

I think what makes this program so special is the variety (and awesome instructors!)” – Mrs. J. G.

I love the offering of less traditional sports (tennis, volleyball) instead of just more basketball/soccer. The fun/academic offerings are great for keeping brains active, too.” – Mrs. H.F.

Instructors are humorous, kind, and friendly.” -- Mrs. A.A.