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ESU For Kids

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ESU for Kids : Summer 2019

Online Registration*

Summer 2019 Information Forthcoming!


Contact: Scott Hnasko,

*Online registration fees apply

ESU for Kids: Nifty November!

Online Registration*

Date: Saturday, November 10th, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Location: Stroud Hall
Cost: $65/child

Contact: Scott Hnasko,

*Online registration fees apply

Nifty November Track!

Track 1 – ages 10-18 Spectacular Super Heroes and Gaming Instructor: Scott Hnasko

In Comic Heroes Roleplay, you’ll play as your favorite comic book hero and roll the dice in an exciting adventure!

In DC Comics Deck-Building Game, you’ll take heroes into thrilling battles against evil super villains.

Finally, can you work cooperatively with teammates to solve puzzles and riddles in our Escape Room?

**Note – this track is strictly limited to 8 students.

Track 2 – ages 6-12 Full STEAM Ahead – Stimulating Science! Instructor: Alicia Shaffer

Go on a stimulating science adventure with our instructor and Backpack Jack! Jack’s adventures bring all kinds of challenges by using the contents of his backpack. Creative and critical thinking are the keys to solving these fun STEAM challenges!

During this experimental, problem solving day, you’ll help Jack create a catapult, design a pulley system, engineer a bridge, create a tool, build, and so much more.

Track 3 – ages 10-14 Baking, Crafts, Art and Games Instructor: Brittany Moloughney

What’s that wonderful smell in the air? In Beautiful Baked Goods, you’ll make baked creations to delight the senses!

Next, decorate your home and your life with Fall Crafts!

Explore your creative side when you paint and create Canvas Art

Finally, in Brain Games, let’s exercise our minds and have fun doing it with puzzles and tasks designed to help exercise that very important muscle between your ears!

Track 4 – ages 6-12 Cooking and Crafts Instructor: Becca Perri

In Hot Glue Crafts, you’ll create fall-themed masterpieces with hot glue. Share them with your family!

During Meal Making, you’ll learn how to make an appetizer, entrée, and a sweet treat to impress your friends! Bon Appetit!

Finally, for No Bake Sweet Treats, you will create simple and delicious no bake items that wow and impress any crowd. Yum!

Track 5 – ages 10-18 Amazing Art and Art Games Instructor: Heather Fastiggi

Autumn Art The colors of fall are all around us! We’ll be taking inspiration from the bright and fiery hues of the season to create fun autumn themed crafts. Some of them may even be edible!

Tabletop Games Do you love to draw? Are word games your cup of tea? Are you a strategic mastermind? We’ve got a game for that! Skill building, plan building, deck building – they’re all here!

Winter Art Snow days and holidays will soon be here. This is the perfect time to make holiday gifts. Nothing brightens up the coming winter like some arts and crafts. Snowmen, snowflakes…and slime???

Track 6 – ages 10-18 Photo Manipulation Instructor: Lance Soodeen

In this class you will explore famous edited photos. Next you’ll develop and create custom landscape artwork.

Students will use Photoshop to cut and combine images into one photo. They will also edit animal photos, manipulate colors, and resize animals for unrealistic looks.

Students will review editing program tools and be guided on mini photo sessions at a variety of locations. Requirements: a USB and a digital point-and-shoot camera or fullycharged smartphone with a camera and USB cable.

Track 7 – ages 9-18 Classy Christmas Crafts for Kids Instructor: Heide Molinaro

Your instructor for this course is an experienced art teacher. Learn how to make awesome ornaments, cards, decorations, and even gifts for kids and pets using everyday items.

Students will learn simple sewing, paper cutting, beading, and marbleizing techniques to create one of a kind Christmas decorations and gifts.

Everyone will make 3 or more projects of their choice during the course. Get in the Christmas spirit and join us!