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Dr. Maureen McLaughlin founded and directed the ESU for Kids summer program in 1991.  She directed ESU for Kids from 1991-2001.  During this time, ESU for Kids was only two weeks long each summer.  Only two courses were offered each day, and they were 90 minutes each. 

In 2002, Dr. McLaughlin had other commitments and could not conduct ESU for Kids.

During this year, ESU for Kids was replaced by Oasis Day Camp, which is based out of Brooklyn.  Scott Hnasko, a former ESU for Kids instructor, became their Assistant Program Director.

In 2003, Director of Summer Sessions and Continuing Education Alvin Hall hired Scott to restart ESU for Kids.  Scott has been the ESU for Kids Director ever since then. Throughout the years, Scott and his talented staff have grown ESU for Kids to a three week summer program with courses offered daily from 8 am to 4:15 pm.  In addition, ESU for Kids now holds three one-day events throughout the year.