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The ESU for Kids Difference

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ESU for Kids is The Poconos’ Premier Day Camp for kids and teens ages 6-18 since 1991.

ESU for Kids is your day camp, your way!

We know there are many day camps you might choose for your children. What makes ESU for Kids stand apart from the rest? Let us count the ways...

1) When it comes to instructors, ESU for Kids hires only licensed, certified teachers or college students who are close to completing their degrees in education. ESU for Kids teachers aren’t assigned courses to teach – they only teach courses they personally enjoy. Our teachers are passionate about what they teach – and it shows.

2) At other day camps, you can only enroll your children for full days or half days. These camps offer you little or no voice in the activities your children must do.

3) ESU for Kids is your day camp, your way! Our one day special events offer different tracks of courses for you to choose. ESU for Kids for summer program offers you flexibility you can’t find anywhere else! You can enroll your children in just one 15-day summer course, or two 15-day summer courses…all the way up to seven 15-day summer courses for a full day of excitement and fun.

Choose from courses in:

  • Art, Music and Theatre
  • Language Arts & Reading
  • Math, Science, & Technology
  • Athletics
  • Food & Culture
  • Games, Adventures & Roleplay

4) At ESU for Kids, we strive to offer an interesting mix of courses for ages 6-18. Every year we survey our families to ask what they would like to see offered in upcoming events – then we make the requests happen! In addition to bringing in new courses for each event, we also continue to offer courses that families love year after year (like acting, beginner guitar, chess, and tennis to name just a few)

5) Each year, our ESU for Kids summer program concludes with a Graduation Day. No regular courses are held this day – it’s a chance for families and friends to come celebrate what all of our students have been learning and discovering during the summer. All students will wear their ESU for Kids t-shirts, and instructors will give everyone certificates for the courses they have taken.

Contact us at (570) 422-3061 or


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