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  • Procedure Title: ESU Cell Phone Request
  • Policy Number: ESU-FA-2010-001
  • Effective Date:
  • Review Date:
  • Division: Finance & Administration
  • Responsible Office: Computing & Communication Services

Procedure Summary:

Wireless stipend procedure


ESU Cell Phone Request Procedure (IRS Compliant)

  1. Department Head/Chair: Determines if the employee will be required to conduct University business away from his /her usual University place of work and would need a wireless communication device to accommodate those requirements. Department Head/Chair and the employee secure a Wireless Communication Request Justification and Acknowledgement form to complete Sections A and B. Forward the signed form to Division Vice President.
  2. Division Vice President: Review the Wireless Policy and the Wireless Communication Request Justification and Acknowledgement form Sections A and B. If the request is not approved, the form is returned to the Department Head/Chair. If the form is approved, sign and date Section C and forward to the Computing Center.
  3. The Computing Center: Based on the information supplied in Sections A Telecommunications and B of the Wireless Communication Request Justification and Acknowledgement form, supply advice on phones compatible with our network and computer systems. Sign and forward the form to Human Resources and copy to the Business Office.
  4. Human Resources / Payroll: Section B will provide the dollar value to be included in the employee’s biweekly pay.
  5. Department Head/Chair: Use Wireless Communications Allowance Status form to conduct yearly audit and to cancel cell. Forward the form to Human Resources.


Cellphone Reimbursuement Form

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