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Slate Belt Heritage Center


This small museum provides historical information and artifacts about the Italian, Cornish and Welsh settlers; the Textile and Slate industry. It also has rooms dedicated to Flicksville, Homefront Magazine, and local Fire Departments.

Current Volunteer Needs:

The slate belt heritage center is a local museum in Bangor, Pennsylvania. They run completely off of volunteer participation and are looking for volunteers, they are open from April thru November on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-3. They are looking for volunteers to help paint before they open this upcoming season. They are also looking for people to be on duty while the museum is open. They also use History majors or those interested in history that might be interested in being a curator and spend some time in the museum studying, researching, and helping with displays. For more information contact Marc Blau at 570-897-5459 or by email at