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Developmental Education Services of Monroe County


The mission of the Developmental Education Services is to meet the Human Service needs of the community and to provide a continuum of educational, therapeutic and referral services that support the strengths of our clients and their families thereby enabling them to maximize their potential. In addition, we are committed in our work to educate the public regarding special needs of challenged individuals and advocating on their behalf.

Current Volunteer Needs:

DES volunteer opportunities center around 2 main areas: community outings with our adult clients with intellectual disabilities and fundraising activities.  Our community activities are held Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm. These would include bowling, movies, field trips, tennis club, picnics, etc.  Each month staff develop a schedule, so it would be difficult to give any hard and fast times for the activities.  Students wishing to volunteer would contact Carol Miller, Director of Adult Services at (570) 421-8893 and CMILLER3@PTD.NET.