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  • Procedure Title: Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness
  • Policy Number: ESU-AA-2011-002-A
  • Effective Date: Fall, 2013
  • Review Date:  
  • Division: Academic Affairs
  • Responsible Office: Student Enrollment Center/Records and Registration

Procedure Summary:

This procedure will allow undergraduate students who previously accrued a number of grades below 2.0 level of C to be "forgiven" for their earlier performance.


  1. The student must complete the Academic Forgiveness Application Form at the time of Application for Readmission. The Application for Academic Forgiveness is available in the Admissions office. The application will include a reflective summary of why he/she should be considered for the privilege.
  2. Upon completion of the probationary semester, if all requirements for Academic Forgiveness have been met, the Registrar will modify the academic record reflecting the courses taken previously, not the grades received (deletion of grades below the 2.0) in student's academic record.
  3. If approved for Academic Forgiveness, a notation to this effect will be made on the student's East Stroudsburg University's transcript and a new cumulative GPA will be calculated for all work beginning with the semester of readmission. This new GPA will be printed on the official transcript and used for computing the student's academic standing and the minimum GPA requirement for graduation. All previous coursework will continue to be listed on the transcript with the deletion of grades below 2.0.
  4. Students using financial aid should contact the Student Enrollment Center for information on their financial aid eligibility if considering applying for Academic Forgiveness. Repeating courses previously passed may not count toward full time enrollment for financial aid purposes.


Request for Application of Academic Forgiveness Policy

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Geryl Kinsel, Associate Director/Records and Registration
Student Enrollment Center
Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall