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Congratulations! You won a grant!

Schedule your required post-award meeting today: email us.

All formal notices of award or funding of grants and contracts will be received by the university authorizing official which in most cases is the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research. If the PI receives any award notification, it should be immediately sent to OSPR. When awards are made in the form of a contract or subcontract, they will then be forwarded to the University’s signatory authorities and then to PASSHE legal counsel for review.

Upon receipt notification by the funding agency, OSPR will immediately notify both the PI and Grant and Compliance Accountant(s) and the post-award meeting will be scheduled and then the grant project will begin. (Purchases made in the scope of a grant project prior to the fully executed contract may not be approved. Contact the OSPR before using any grant funds.)

Throughout the implementation phases many unfamiliar issues and actions arise, which may include:

The OSPR will guide, assist, and even do much of this work for you! At the post-award meeting, the contract will be reviewed, the fund and cost codes will be distributed, the deliverables will be analyzed, the PI will make known any hiring, travel, or other expenditures that require immediate attention, and the project’s reporting requirements will be reviewed.

See Resources for Research for necessary forms, policies, procedures, and more.

A post-award meeting with the OSPR will help you get started in managing your award and the staff will remain accessible for the duration of your grant until close out... and even beyond.

Contact the OSPR with any project questions and they will help in any way possible.

For immediate assistance, review the Quick Reference Guide.