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SPIRIT Group Members

The Strategic Plan Innovation, Renewal and Implementation Team, better known as SPIRIT around campus, have been working diligently on the ongoing update of the current plan. By focusing on the areas of collaboration, academic success, and diversity, we hope that ESU will be distinguished in the region as a community of innovators who recognize that a complex world requires learning that embraces working together and problem-solving from different perspectives. Below is the dedicated group that continues to spearhead the updated goal initiatives.

  • Dr. Kimberly Adams, Political Science
  • Mr. Justin Amann, Scribe
  • Dr. William Bajor, Graduate & Extended Studies
  • Dr. Margaret Ball, Theatre
  • Dr. Terry Barry, College of Education
  • Professor William Broun, English
  • Dr. Timothy Connolly, Philosophy/Religious Studies
  • Dr. Mary DeVito, Computer Science
  • Dr. John Elwood, Physics
  • Dr. Nancy Jo Greenawalt, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Dr. Min Jung Kim, Sports Management
  • Professor Laura Kieselbach, English
  • Mr. Andrew Kissling, Student Senate
  • Dr. John Kraybill-Greggo, Sociology
  • Professor David Mazure, Art & Design
  • Mr. Keith Modzelewski, Business Accelerator
  • Mr. Antonio Orlando, Facilities Management
  • Professor Joni Oye-Benintende, Art & Design
  • Dr. Gina Scala, College of Education
  • Ms. Cornelia Sewell-Allen, Student Affairs
  • Ms. Alyssa Simeone, Alumnus
  • Dr. Beth Sockman, Professional & Secondary Ed.
  • Ms. Shelley Speirs, ESU Foundation
  • Dr. Chad Witmer, Exercise Science
  • Dr. Cem Zeytinoglu, Communication

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Marcia G. Welsh, Ph.D
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