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Policy Procedures

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  • Procedure Title: Policy Development and Administration
  • Policy Number: ESU-PO-2010-002
  • Effective Date: December 9, 2010
  • Review Date: April 7, 2016
  • Division: President's Office
  • Responsible Office: President's Office

Procedure Summary:

These procedures define the manner in which university-wide policies are developed, maintained and published.


Policy Approval Process

  1. Policy Identification:
    • Policy author identifies new policies, revisions to existing policies, or policies that need to be converted into the policy repository.
    • Recommendations for new or revised policies must be submitted using the following forms found on the university policies web page and/or the "S" drive in the university policy folder:
      • Approval Routing form
      • Policy Template
      • Procedure Template (if applicable)
    • The policy author meets with supervisor and divisional vice president to review and obtain signatures on approval routing form.
    • Policy author forwards signed approval routing form, policy template, and if applicable, procedure template to the policy specialist.
  2. Policy Review/Vetting:
    • Policy author engages with specific stakeholders, including departments, divisions or committees.
    • Policy author attends a Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting to discuss policy. PAC reviews the policy submission for operational efficacy.
    • If deemed necessary, policies are referred to governance groups and/or approving/enforcement bodies for review and recommendation.
    • Policy Specialist submits to president's council policies and procedures for review in consistency in format, ESU's mission, or conflicts between the proposed policy and other ESU policies. President's Council does not need to review current policies that do not have substantial changes prior to legal counsel's review.
    • Policy Specialist submits policies to legal counsel for review.
    • Legal Counsel's comments are returned to author for review by the Policy Specialist.
    • Author reviews comments and finalizes policy revisions with supervisor and vice president.
  3. Policy Posting:
    • Author forwards approved revisions to Policy Specialist to be entered into the content management system.
    • Procedures related to Policy are entered into the content management system by the policy specialist.
    • Policy Specialist posts new or revised policy announcement on the University web page for ten (10) business days for public review via Postmaster (email).
    • Policy Specialist announces repealed policies via Listserve and on the University web page.
    • Policy Specialist summarizes the comments and presents to President's Council for discussion and refinement of the proposed policy as warranted.
    • Policy Specialist will post comments received on the public comments web page for ten (10) business days.
  4. Policy Adoption
    • Policy is submitted to council of trustees for informational purposes or for approval of the president's recommendation.
    • The president approves all policies, which can be viewed on the university policies website at
    • Administrative updates or amendments to adopted policies triggered by external or internal events require approval from PAC. Contact the policy specialist if you have questions regarding administrative updates to adopted policies.
    • Adopted policies must be reviewed every 5 years, or if necessary, on an as needed basis.
    • Procedures are reviewed on an as needed basis.
    • Amendments to policies are made as necessary.
    • Policy authors are notified 6 month prior to their 5 year renewal date to review their policies for revisions.


Policy Routing Form

Policy Template

Procedure Template

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Policy Approval Process Flow Chart


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Office of the President
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