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Policy Procedure

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  • Procedure Title: Honorary Degree
  • Policy Number: ESU-PO-2011-009
  • Effective Date: June 1992
  • Review Date: N/A
  • Division: President's Office
  • Responsible Office: President's Office

Procedure Summary:

The honorary degree is an academic degree conferred to honor the recipient for distinguished service or individual accomplishment, inside or outside the academy, in scientific, social, artistic, business, public, or other appropriate sphere.


  1. Nominations for honorary degrees, including a cover letter with supporting materials, shall be submitted to the Office of the President, by September 1st for the academic year in which the honorary degree is to be conferred. Nominating parties include the ESU Council of Trustees, the ESU Alumni Association, administrative officers of the university at the academic dean's level or higher, and the academic departments.
  2. The President shall appoint an Honorary Degree Committee by September 15th.
  3. The Honorary Degree Committee shall be chaired by the Graduate Dean, and comprised of each of the academic deans, one faculty representative from each of the colleges, two student representatives from the Student Senate (one graduate, one undergraduate), and the chair of the University Commencement Committee.
  4. The President will forward nominations to the Honorary Degree Committee by October 1st. The Honorary Degree Committee will review nominations, based upon criteria described in the policy, and recommend candidate(s) for the honorary degree(s), and the degree(s) to be awarded, to the President by November 1st.
  5. The President will review the nominations from the committee and forward honorary degree candidate(s) to the Faculty for review and comment by November 15th . The Faculty will review candidate(s) and forward comment to the President by December 15th.
  6. The President will forward honorary degree candidates to the Council of Trustees for approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting following December 15th.
  7. With approval of the Council of Trustees, the President will notify the Office of the Chancellor, by March 1st , of any honorary degree(s) to be awarded, including the identity and qualifications of the candidate(s), and citation(s) to be attached to the degree(s).
  8. The President and University Commencement Committee shall coordinate logistics for conferral of the honorary degree(s) at the Spring Commencement. Honorary degrees may be conferred at the Winter Commencement, as deemed necessary or appropriate, with corresponding adjustment of the timeline.



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