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My name is Stacy Lindshield and I am currently working toward a M.A. in Anthropology and a graduate certificate in forensic science under the guidance of Dr. Jill D. Pruetz at Iowa State University. I conducted a survey of the three primate species that occur at El Zota Biological Field Station from May to August 2005 for my Master’s thesis.  Using data generated from this survey I will determine estimated primate densities between areas of undisturbed and disturbed habitat. The black-handed spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) is the main species of interest because of its endangered status (IUCN 2004). 

The project is now entering the data analysis phase but preliminary observations indicate all three species are thriving and utilizing areas of secondary, swamp, Gmelina monoculture, gallery, mature and primary forests.  Additionally, I collected data on A. geoffroyi behavior and basic feeding ecology. 

My investigation between anthropogenic and natural habitats at EZBFS is not limited to primate habitat use. My field assistant, Dave Victor, worked throughout the summer measuring forest structure. Kudos to Dave for the effort. I also collected soil samples from the primary forest for comparison with existing soil datasets analyzed by Dr. Jerilyn Jewett-Smith’s students from East Stroudsburg University.  Data from previous field seasons are currently available on Dr. Jewett-Smith’s EZBFS course webpage.  This information contributes to the documentation and description of the complex mosaic landscape characteristic of the area within and surrounding the field station.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about this project or my research:

Spider Monkey photograph taken by Dave Victor

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