My Research Interests ...

During the summer of 2005, I conducted a 75 day field observational study on the activity patterns of two similar lizards, Basiliscus plumifrons (Emerald Basilisk) and Iguana iguana (Green Iguana) at the El Zota field station in Costa Rica.  I also conducted night collections of both species to obtain size and length measurements for later growth comparisons. 

         My main goal for this study was to discover how these two lizards budget their daily behaviors during the morning and afternoon hours.  Both species inhabit the same areas, look very similar, and yet may lead entirely different lives.  I set out to obtain both the frequencies and durations of each behavior I observed to determine what differences, if any, exist.  With my night surveys, I developed general size classes (neonate, juvenile, adolescent, and adult) to aid in those comparisons and am now attempting to identify patterns in their growth rates as well.  I am also setting out to find any size-related escape tactics based on flight distance data I gathered during the last few weeks of my stay. 

         Presently, I am compiling this data to formulate my thesis for my Masters Degree here at East Stroudsburg University.  My plan is to continue my education in the field of Herpetology, and focus on my main interest of studying reptile behavior as I do so.  El Zota is a beautiful field station, and I plan on returning there soon to conduct further studies, as well as to help survey all of the local reptiles and amphibians present.  


If you have any interest in research at El Zota, or any questions about my work there, feel free to email me at:  See you on the trails! 

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