My Interests

I am currently a senior at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania majoring in Biology. My current research interests fall mainly into the field of mammalian carnivorans, however at El Zota I am interested in finding out all of the species that we have present. I have conducted a two week mammal survey in May of 2005 using mainly tracks for identification. I am also planning to return to El Zota during the winter break of 2005-2006 to do a small mammal survey to identify the species that are present on the station. I will also be bringing back hair and tissue samples from as many different species as possible for genetic research at East Stroudsburg. My long term goal is conduct a two to three year study on the densities and health of the Panthera onca (Jaguar), Eira barbara (Tayra), and Potos flavus (Kinkajo). I will use a variety of methods for this study including motion sensor cameras, trapping and tagging, and visual surveys. I would like to invite everyone down to the station and if there are any question about the station or my research to contact me at: Hope to see you there.


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