Application Procedures

To apply for a class at El Zota Biological Field Station:

Students who would like to take a class at El Zota should Contact Dr. LaDuke by e-mail at  to let him know that they are interested.  Then, fill in the application form (downloadable as either a Word Document or Adobe Acrobat PDF) and send it along with a $100.00 check (fully refundable up to 45 days prior to the course) to DANTA (a non-profit organization) in order to reserve a seat in the course.

In addition, the following documents must be sent to DANTA as soon as possible, but no later than 45 days prior to the beginning of the course.

1. Statement of interest (discussing the reasons for taking this course as well as the student’s educational and career goals) and a list of potential references (including professors or teaching assistants with whom the student has taken classes) should be appended to the end of the C.V.

2. Statement of health.  This should be a statement signed by your physician that you are in good physical health and are fit to be exposed to the rigors of a physically demanding tropical field course.  If you have not had a recent physical exam, we advise that one should be had prior to completing and sending this statement.

3. Certificate of Insurance.  All students must have a current medical insurance policy in order to participate in this course.  Fill out the insurance form in the information packet and forward this to DANTA. The form requests the name, phone number and policy number of your insurer.

4. Liability Release Forms.  Two liability forms are included with the information packet.  One is for the biological station and the other for the faculty that provide the course and their home institution.   These forms should be read carefully and signed by the student, and the student’s parents (if the student is a minor) and spouse (if married).

5. Program Fee.  This is the balance of the fee that the student pays to DANTA for room and board, use of equipment, faculty, staff, etc. The current fee is: $1350.00, which includes the $100.00 deposit.  If the $100.00 deposit is sent in advance, then the student should pay the remaining $1250.00 at least 45 days prior to the beginning of the course.

6. Travel Itinerary.  Travel schedules, including flight numbers, departure ports and times and arrival ports and times should be forwarded to our offices at least 30 days prior to departure.  If no travel itinerary is received we will assume that the student has decided not to participate in the course.

7. Statement of registration for college credit.  This form is included in the registration forms (below).  It includes a statement of whether the student has arranged to receive credit for the course or has decided not to sign up for credit.

If the student has opted to receive credit, this must be done by the student’s home institution or by signing up for credit through East Stroudsburg University’s Summer Program.

Under the former arrangement, the student signs up for an independent study, or other form of individualized instruction, with a professor from the student’s home institution.  This professor either accepts the grade awarded by the teaching faculty at El Zota, or arranges other means of assessment (additional written or oral reports to be delivered at the home institution, for example).  The supportive professor may ask to examine tests or reports generated on site at El Zota.

Under the latter arrangement, the student may request a catalogue of summer courses offered at East Stroudsburg University and sign up for credit through the university directly.  In this event, the student can receive a transcript for the course and the credits may be transferred to their home institution.

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