Example Questions for First Lecture Exam

1. Features that improve an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce are:
     a) specializations  b) characters  c) adaptations  d) synapomorphies  e) none of the 

2. Which structure is homologous to the wing of a bat?
     a) wing of a butterfly  b) pectoral fin of a whale  c) dorsal fin of a whale  d) feather of a
          bird  e) leg of a human

3. The placoid scale is a character of the:
      a) Placodermi  b) Acanthodii  c) Chondrichthyes  d) Actinopterygii  e) Sarcopterygii

4.  In amphioxus and the ascidian tunicates, food particles are entrapped in a mucous strand secreted
      by the:
     a) solenocyte  b) hepatic (mid-gut) caecum  c) endostyle  d) oral cirri  e) epibranchial groove

5.  An embryo that has become a solid ball of cells is referred to as a:
     a) blastula  b) gastrula  c) morula  d) neurula  e) blastomere

6.  Which is not an important function of the integument in vertebrates?
     a) barrier to pathogens  b) barrier to water loss  c) thermoregulation  d) sensory structure 
     e) all of the above are important functions

Define the following terms (2 pts ea.):

7.  Monophyletic group -

8.  Archenteron -

Short Answer (5 pts ea.):

9.  Explain the process of growth in a long bone at the growth plate.

10.  Draw a diagram of a feather and label all of its parts.  Describe the process of feather

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