Outline of Hearing and Equilibrium
I. The Outer Ear
            A. Auricle
            B. External Auditory Canal
            C. Tympanum

II. The Middle Ear
            A. Middle Ear Ossicles
                        1. Malleus
                        2. Incus
                        3. Stapes
            B. Openings between middle ear and inner ear
                        1. Vestibular (oval) window
                        2. Cochlear (round) window
            C. Middle ear muscles
                        1. Tensor tympani
                        2. Stapedius muscle

III. The Inner Ear
            A. Bony labyrinth
                        1. Vestibule
                        2. Semicircular canals
                        3. Cochlea
            B. Inner ear fluids
                        1. Endolymph
                        2. Perilymph
            C. Membranous labyrinth
                        1. Utricle
                        2. Saccule
                        3. Scala vestibuli
                        4. Vestibular membrane
                        5. Cochlear duct
                        6. Basilar membrane
                        7. Scala tympani
                        8. The spiral Organ of Corti
                                    a. Tectorial membrane
                                    b. microvilli

IV. Equilibrium
            A. Maculae
            B. Otoliths
            C. Crista ampularis

D. Cupula



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