Histology: the study of tissues          

I. Epithelial tissues
                        A. Simple
                                1. Simple squamous
                     2. Simple cuboidal                   
                                3. Simple columnar                    
                                4. Simple ciliated columnar
                                5. Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar
                         B. Stratified
                                1. Stratified squamous
                                2. Stratified cuboidal
                                3. Transitional

     II.Connective tissue           
                A. Mesenchyme           
                B. Connective tissue proper

1. Loose Areolar C. T.
                        2. Dense Regular C. T.

                        3. Dense Irregular C. T.

                        4. Elastic C. T.

                        5. Reticular C. T.

6. Adipose C. T.
                C. Cartilage
                        1. Hyaline Cartilage

2. Fibrocartilage
                        3. Elastic Cartilage

                D. Bone

                        1. Compact bone

                        2. Spongy bone

         F. Blood (erythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes)

       III. Muscle Tissue
                A. Smooth muscle
                B. Striated muscle
C. Cardiac muscle

       IV. Nervous Tissue                     
                A. Neurons
                B. Neuroglia

       V. Intercellular Junctions.
                A. Tight junctions
                B. Desmosomes
                C. Gap junctions

       VI. Glands
                A. Endocrine
B. Exocrine
                        1. Shape
                                    a. tubular
                                    b. acinar
                        2. Modes of secretion
                                    a. Merocrine
b. Apocrine
                                    c. Holocrine

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