I. Basic Cell Components
A. Plasma Membrane (Cell Membrane)
            B. Cytoplasm
            C. Organelles
            D. Nucleus

II. Plasma membrane structure

A. Phospholipid bilayer
            B. Embedded proteins

III. Plasma membrane function
            A. Semipermeable (selectively permeable)
            B. Membrane proteins
                        1. Receptors
                        2. Second messenger systems
                        3. Enzymes
                        4. Channel proteins
                        5. Carriers
                        6. Motor molecules
                        7. Cell identity markers
                        8. Cell-adhesion molecules (CAMs)
            C. Cytoskeleton
                        1. Microfilaments (actin)
                        2. Intermediate filaments (various)
                        3. Thick filaments (myosin)
                        4. Microtubules (tubulin)    
            D. Membrane organelles
                        1. cilia
                        2. flagellae
                        3. microvilli
                        4. pseudopodia
            E. Transport processes
                        1. Diffusion
                        2. Osmosis
                        3. Carrier mediated transport
                                    a. Facilitated diffusion
                                    b. Active transport
                        4. Bulk transport
                                    a. Endocytosis
                                                1) Phagocytosis
                                                2) Pinocytosis
                                                3) Receptor mediated endocytosis
                                    b. Exocytosis

IV. Other organelles

            A. Lysosomes
            B. Peroxisomes
            C. Mitochondria
            D. Endoplasmic reticulum
                        1. smooth E. R.
                        2. rough E. R.
            D. Ribosomes
            E. Golgi Apparatus

V. The Nucleus
            A.  Structure

                        1. Nuclear envelope

            2. Nucleoplasm
                        3. Chromosomes                       
            B. Mitosis: the cell cycle.
                        1. Interphase

                        2. Prophase

                        3. Metaphase

                        4. Anaphase

                        5. Telophase

             C. Replication

             D. Transcription

             E. Translation


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