Lecture Outline

Review of Organic Chemistry

I. Organic molecules
            A. Molecular structure
            B. Monomers vs. polymers
            C. Dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis

 II. Carbohydrates
               A. Monosaccharides
            B. Disaccharides
            C. Polysaccharides

 III. Lipids
            A. Triglycerides
            B. Phospholipids
            C. Steroids

 IV. Proteins
            A. Peptides
B. Structure
                        1. Primary structure
                        2. Secondary structure
                        3. Tertiary structure
                        4. Quaternary structure
           C. Enzymes

 V. Nucleic Acids
            A. Sugar
B. Phosphate
            C. Nitrogenous base
                       1. Purines
                       2. Pyrimidines
            D. RNA vs. DNA

 VI. High Energy Molecules
            A. ATP
            B. ADP

            C. Phosphorylation

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