Outline: Sensory Systems 

I. Sensory Receptors
            A. Sensory receptors as energy transducers
            B. Types of information provided by sensory receptors
                        1. Modality
                        2. Location
                        3. Intensity
                        4. Duration
                                    a. Phasic receptors
                                    b. Tonic receptors
                                    c. Adaptation

II. Classification of Sense Organs
            A. General vs. Special Senses
B. Exteroceptors vs. Interoceptors vs. Proprioceptors
C. Classification by Modality
                        1. Chemoreceptors
                        2. Photoreceptors
                        3. Mechanoreceptors
                        4. Thermoreceptors
                        5. Nociceptors

III. Touch Receptors
            A. Unencapsulated Nerve Endings
                        1. Free Nerve Endings
                                    a. Warm receptors
                                    b. Cold receptors
                                    c. Nociceptors
                                                1) Referred pain
                                                2) Phantom pain
                        2. Merkel’s Discs (= tactile discs)
                        3. Peritrichial Endings (= hair receptors)
            B. Encapsulated Nerve Endings
                        1. Meissner’s Corpuscles (= Corpuscles of Touch)
                        2. Krause End Bulb
                        3. Pacinian Corpuscles (= Lamellated Corpuscles)
                        4. Ruffini’s Corpuscles (End Organ of Ruffini)

 IV. Proprioceptors
            A. Joint Kinesthetic Recteptors
            B. Muscle Spindles
            C. Golgi Tendon Organs (Neurotendinous Receptors)
            D. Sensory Hair Cells.


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