Outline: The Autonomic Nervous System
I. Description of Autonomic Nervous System
            A. Pre-ganglionic Neurons
            B. Post-ganglionic Neurons (= Ganglionic Neurons)

II. Divisions of Autonomic Nervous System
            A. Sympathetic Division
                        1. The “Fight or Flight” Response
                        2. The Thoracolumbar Division
                        3. Sympathetic Chain Ganglia (near body wall)
                        4. Collateral Ganglia (near abdomino-pelvic viscera)
                        5. The Adrenal Medulla
            B. Parasympathetic Division
                        1. The “Resting and Digesting” Response
                        2. The Cranio-Sacral Division
                        3. Cranial Ganglia




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