Outline for the Spinal Cord

 I. Anatomy of the Spinal cord
A. Location
            B. Spinal Nerves
            C. Gray and white matter
            D. Dorsal Root
            E. Ventral Root

 II. Spinal Nerve
A. Dorsal ramus

            B. Ventral ramus
            C. Nerve plexus
D. Rami communicantes
                        1. Gray ramus
                        2. White ramus
III. The reflex arc.
            A. Sensory receptor
            B. Sensory neuron
            C. Center (association neuron, or not)
            D. Motor neuron
            E. Effector
            F. Proprioceptors
                        1. Muscle spindle
                        2. Golgi tendon organ
            G. Examples
                        1. The patellar reflex
                        2. The flexor and crossed extensor reflexes

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