Water Resources Specialty Group (WRSG) Chair’s Message

Message from the Chair


Hello members of the Water Resource Specialty Group:


It is a great honor, and my pleasure to serve at the Chair of the WRSG.  I’d like to begin by thanking William Smith for his hard work over the last couple of years; his efforts as chair have allowed me to enter this job with a strong membership base. I would also like to thank the officers of the WRSG and all of the individual members of who have contributed their time to advance water resource and geographic knowledge.

Our business meeting in New York was very enlightening. The highlight of the meeting was the honoring of a great member of our association, William Graf, for his endless contributions to water resource geography. Chris Lant and Allen James both wrote poignant nomination letters, and they are now available on the WRSG website. 

Several suggestions were made at the business meeting to enhance the functionality of our specialty group.  Based on those comments, I am spearheading two projects—1) create a better framework/mechanism by which we can organize sessions for the 2013 conference in Los Angeles, and, 2) to add a second student director to our current board of directors. 

The AAG-maintained community knowledge pages remain a new and fantastic method for us, as a group, and as individuals, to disseminate new information, and (hopefully) to collaborate on new projects.  I hope those of you have not had an opportunity, will take a few minutes and evaluate those pages. 

By now you may have seen a large number of “Call for Papers” on the WRSG message board for the 2013 Annual Conference in Los Angeles. These user-created calls are a fantastic way of networking and insuring you are in a session with individuals with similar research interests.

If you are having trouble finding a suitable session for your paper, please contact me, and I will assist.  In addition, if you have a suggestion for a special session, please contact me so we can work on making it happen.   

The second project, adding a second student director, came from direct input from several members.  In my approximately 10 year association with the specialty group, I transitioned from graduate student to Assistant Professor.  From the very beginning, I was impressed with how approachable all members were.  Since then, I have had the great fortune to work with many members of the association—your generous donation of time and effort helped me develop professionally.  Several members have requested we enhance our already strong tradition of encouraging graduate students to become active members of our group.  This modification will require a change to our bylaws, and will require a vote by the membership at next year’s meeting. In the meantime, I will work on the language of the amendment and make it available before the meeting for review and friendly amendments. 

PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about the WRSG! 




Mike Pease
Central Washington University