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    U.S. Government
    Professional Associations
    Medical Organizations / Info. Services
    Environmental Organizations
    Data Sources, & Seach Engines

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Journals & Magazines

  Water & Water Bodies
  Regulated Rivers: Research & Management
   U.S. Water News
   Water International - International Water Resources Association
   Water Resources Impact - AWRA

  Physical Sciences
    Advances in Water Resources - Elsevier
    Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
   Environmental Toxicology and Water Quality
   Geographical Abstracts: Physical Geography - Elsevier
    Hydrological Processes
   Journal of Contaminant Hydrology - Elsevier
   Journal of the American Water Resources Association - AWRA (formerly Water Resources Bulletin)
   Journal of Hydrology - Elsevier
   Water Resources Research - AGU

 Policy, Planning, Economics, and Philosophy
   Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning
   Journal of Water Resources Planning and Mgt. - ASCE
   Law & Policy - Blackwell
   Review of Agricultural Economics - Blackwell
   Sustainable Development

   Land Degradation & Development

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U.S. Government
    Fed. Emergency Mgt. Agency (FEMA)
    U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
    U.S.D.A.  Farm Service Agency - Conservation Reserve Program
    USDA’s Env. & Conservation Accomplishments
    U.S. Geological Survey
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    U.S. EPA - Office of Water
    U.S. EPA - Watershed Information Network (WIN)
    U.S. Army COE, Directorate of Research and Development
    National (U.S.) Oceanographic and Atmospheric Adm.- Geospatial Data & Climate Services

   U.S. Congress
   The House of Representatives
   The Senate
   The Library of Congress
   Project Vote Smart (Congressional Locator)

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Professional Associations
  North America
   American Institute of Hydrology
   Amer. Soc. Agricultural Engineers
   American Water Resources Association
   American Water Works Assn.
   Canadian Water Resources Association
   National Ground Water Association
   Renewable Natural Resources Fndn. (RNRF)
    Water Resources Specialty Group of the Assn. American Geographers

   British Hydrological Society
   International Association of Hydrological Sciences
   International Water Association
   International Water Resources Association

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Medical Organizations / Info. Services
     Drinking Water Outbreaks

Environmental Organizations
   Center for Environmental Education & Information
   EnviroLink  (links to environmental sites)
   Friends of the Earth
   Sierra Club

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Data and Publication Sources
   Code of Federal Regulations
   Daily Streamflow Conditions Map of The United States
   National Climate Data Center
   US Geological Survey GeoRef subset of USGS pub. database
   U.S. Govt. Publications (Misc.)
   National Wetlands Inventory
   NWIS-W Data Retrieval for US
   EROS Data Center, USGS

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Seach Engines
   USGS  Global Information Locator Service (GILS)

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   AWWA Government Affairs - Current Water Legislation, etc.
   River Management Society
   Global Environmental Information Center (Japan, in English)
   The National Academies (NAS,NAE,NIH,NRC)
   Water Research Centre (UK)
   Water Science for Schools  (USGS)
Instrumentation and Equipment Companies
   Global Water
   Soil Moisture Equip Corp.
   Sequoia Scientific
   YSI Corp.
More Links:
    Central Mich. State Water Resources Links

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Links Listed by Content
   Physical Hydrology
           National Weather Service
      Surface Water
      Ground Water
   Water Quality
      Non-Point Source
             Non-Pt Source Pollution Links - Renewable Natural Resources Fndn. (RNRF)
      Ground Water
    Fed. Emergency Mgt. Agency (FEMA)
          U.S. Agency for Internat. Development (USAID) - Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance
          Flash Flood Lab (Colorado State Univ.)
          National Severe Storms Laboratory
          U.S.G.S. Drought Watch '99

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