Water Resources Specialty Group Awards
AAG National Meeting, 2012, New York
Congratulations Everyone !!!

2012 WRSG Career Achievement Award
Presented to Dr. William Graf – AAG NYC


Dear Water Resources Specialty Group of the AAG:

It is my honor to nominate Dr. William L. Graf for the Water Resources Specialty Group of the AAG Career Achievement Award.  To my knowledge, this award has been won by only two individuals: Gilbert F. White and Gerry Galloway. No one is, and perhaps no one will ever be, in Gilbert White’s class as a water resource geographer, but Gerry Galloway and Will Graf are the two that approach this exalted status. 

I know Dr. Graf only as an acquaintance and have had only minimal professional collaborations with him, yet from 1000 miles away his work looms large in the field.  Will is a world-class river scientist who is fully capable of applying his scientific knowledge to management and policy issues, such as dam removal, restoration of the Missouri River ecosystem, or preventing another ecological tragedy on the Klamath River.  His list of achievements can readily be found on his lengthy and enviable CV, but what stands out is his ability to excel in so many professional areas: as a teacher and mentor of students, as a publisher of cutting-edge research, as a writer of books that convey the state of the field in fluvial geomorphology and other related areas, as a member or chair of national committees tasked to study pressing national issues, as an expert witness. His students pop up all over U.S. academic geography, and all brag about who their advisor was.  I have used his research from as far back as 1977 (the rate law) in a study published in the Annals of the AAG in 2009. That speaks to staying power and impact. His list of awards and honors contains many of greater stature than the one for which I am here nominating him – which perhaps says that this honor is overdue.

I could make this letter a lot lo­nger, but a slam dunk is a slam dunk.

Please feel free to contact me for further input.

Best Regards,

Christopher Lant, Professor

Geography and Environmental Resources

Executive Director, Universities Council on Water Resources


2012 Student Award Recipients


Congratulations to the following students who received awards from the WRSG at the AAG in New York.


Doctoral Research Proposal: Sarah Praskievicz, University of Oregon

Masters Paper: Chloe Delhomme, University of South Florida

Poster Presentation: Corinna Keeler, Ginnell College

Travel Grant: Sarah Praskievicz, University of Oregon

    Chloe Delhomme, University of South Florida

    Kuan-Chi Wang, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

    Bixia Xu, Griffith University Australia

    Yun Ouyang, Arizona State University