Physics I [Phys 161]

Lecture Meeting Times: M, W, F 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM in Gessner 117

Course Materials



Current Unit Quiz Averages

Lab Materials

        Some Hints on Writing Lab Reports for Physics 161

            Laboratory Activity 1
Laboratory Exercise 1
               Laboratory Activity 2
               Laboratory Activity 3
               Laboratory Activity 4
               Laboratory Activity 5
               Laboratory Exercise 2, Part I
               Laboratory Exercise 2, Part II
               Laboratory Activity 6
               Laboratory Activity 7

Homework Materials

Unit 11 Assignments

   April 26th - April 27th
    April 28th
   April 29th
   April 30th

Unit 10 Assignments

   April 15th - April 16th
    April 17th - April 18th
    April 19th
    April 20th

Unit 9 Assignments

    April 7th - April 8th
     April 9th
     April 10th
     April 11th

Unit 8 Assignments

    March 27th - March 28th
     March 29th - March 30th
     March 31st - April 1st
     April 2nd

Unit 7 Assignments

    March 17th - March 18th
     March 19th
     March 20th
     March 21st

Unit 6 Assignments

    March 3rd - March 4th
     March 5th
     March 6th
     March 7th

Unit 5 Assignments 

    February 24th - February 25th
     February 26th
     February 27th
     February 28th

Unit 4 Assignments

    February 10th - February 11th
     February 12th
     February 13th
     February 14th

 Unit 3 Assignments

     February 3rd - February 4th
     February 5th
     February 6th
     February 7th

Unit 2 Assignments

    January 27th - January 29th
     January 30th - February 1st

Unit 1 Assignments

            January 17th and January 18th
               January 19th - January 21st
               January 22nd and January 23rd
               January 24th and January 25th