We speak the same language


............ Or don't we?






July 31 to August 20*

*These dates reflect group flight dates. Actual class meetings begin August 1 and end August 18


Participate in a three week course at St. Edmund Hall, one of the oldest colleges of Oxford University. The course, taught by Dr. Marcia V. Godich, will be offered for undergraduate or graduate credit...and offers the honors option for undergraduates. The course is comprised of seminar and individual tutorial meetings, combined with field experiences in Oxford, London, and the countryside.


The class will address the general questions:

         What are the stages in intercultural acclimatization, and the caveats associated with them?

         What barriers to understanding result from differences in language and culture, and how can we learn to overcome those barriers?

And the particular:

         What are the differences between American and British English (Do you live in a flat or drive on one? How would you like to be knocked up in the morning...Tea or coffee?)

         How does an Oxford education differ from that of universities in the United States?

         What is meant by "The Town and Gown Controversy?" Is it alive and well at Oxford?

         What sub-cultures exist in Oxford, southern rural England, and London, and how do they differ from each other and our expectations. What parallels can we draw in the United States?


Tuition and fees: PA Undergraduate: $475 Graduate: $655

Out-of-State Undergraduate: $906 Graduate: $1101

Room and half-board to August 20: Double $1550 Single $1650

Group Airfare: from Philadelphia: $681 from Pittsburgh: $745 Individual fares available on request


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For more information contact: Dr. Godich. Email: mgodich@po-box.esu.edu Phone: (570)422-3743

Mail: East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg PA 18335-2999