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All Scholarships

These types of scholarships are available to ESU students.

  1. Freshman & Transfer Student Scholarships
  2. Graduate Student Scholarships
  3. College of Arts & Sciences Scholarships
  4. College of Business Management Scholarships
  5. College of Education Scholarships
  6. College of Health Sciences Scholarships
  7. Out-of-State Student Scholarships
  8. Award for Competitive Excellence (ACE) Scholarship
  9. Students Majoring in Math, Science or Technology (STEM) Scholarship
  10. Clear Path Scholarship: Students Transferring to ESU to Study Science
  11. Athletics Scholarships
  12. Studying Abroad Scholarships
  13. ROTC Scholarship

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Newly admitted freshman and transfer students are automatically considered for scholarship opportunities by the undergraduate Office of Admissions. A student will receive a letter from the Office of Admissions if a scholarship has been awarded.

Externally funded scholarships and scholarships for continuing students that require an additional application process are specifically noted within the description of each individual scholarship.

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