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Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and financial need. Honors Program and some athletic scholarships are awarded based solely on individual criteria such as academic standing or athletic performance.

It should be noted that the selection criteria for the awards vary significantly. Among the factors which may impact upon a student's eligibility are: major course of study, grade point average, SAT scores, class rank, athletic prowess, recommendations of professors and teachers, and in some cases, geographic area.

Many of the scholarship areas require a separate application. The links provided will assist in finding a scholarship designed for you.

External Scholarships

An external scholarship is a type of aid that is not required to be paid back. However, external scholarships vary with eligibility requirements. Some external scholarships can be found via

Available Scholarship Opportunity

The Women's Business Council scholarship recognizes adult learners who wish to attend a higher education institution and who have graduated from high school at least one year ago. These women have demonstrated academic ability and a commitment to learning, achievement, and community service. The scholarship assists women in their pursuit of higher education and their desire to assist other young women in reaching their full leadership potential after post-secondary graduation.

Application due date: April 1, 2016.