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Professional & Secondary Education

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Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Doctoral Programs

Welcome to the Professional and Secondary Education Department at East Stroudsburg University. PSED has programs at the undergraduate, and doctoral levels that will help you achieve your goals whether you are an aspiring teacher or a practicing educational professional. Graduates of PSED programs are secondary (7-12) and middle level (4-8) teachers, principals, central office administrators, superintendents, and college professors.

The mission of the Professional and Secondary Department is to develop innovative and reflective learners and leaders who critically and creatively respond to the needs of a diverse, ever-changing global society.

Undergraduate Programs

At the undergraduate level PSED offers a program leading to secondary (7-12) certification in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, English, French, General Science, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, and Spanish. Students will receive a Bachelor of Arts or Science in their content area along with secondary certification once all state requirements have been met. A personalized program will be developed for all students as they work with an advisor from education and the academic content area.

PSED, in collaboration with the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Department, also offers middle level (4-8) certification. Students earn a Bachelor of Science in Middle Level Education and concentrate in Mathematics, Science, English/Language Arts, or Social Studies.

Certification students can also combine their certification with one in Special Education upon taking all of the additional special education courses and meeting state requirements.

Graduate Program

There is a graduate level secondary certification program in 10 content areas for those who want to be a teacher and who already have an undergraduate degree. Advisors from PSED and the certification content area will work together to develop a personalized route to certification.

PSED also offers an M. Ed with 5 different concentrations: Professional Education, Educational Leadership (Principal Certification), Advanced Pedagogy (National Board Certification), Advanced Physical Education, and Adapted Physical Education. These tracks prepare teachers.

Doctoral Program

The Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Administration (ELA) is a research-based, clinically oriented and carefully designed program to meet the needs of working professionals who want to enhance their leadership knowledge and skills in the educational arena. It is grounded in the belief that effective leaders play a key role in advancing the mission of their institutions and the wellbeing of all they serve. Graduates leave the program prepared to make a positive difference as superintendents, central office administrators, supervisors, university administrators, and teacher leaders.